Fixed Frame Projector Screens

FIXED FRAME PROJECTOR SCREENS are amongst the most popular projector screens, especially for Home Theaters, Boardrooms, Auditoriums and anywhere a permanent wall-mounted solution is suitable. Fixed Frame Projector screens require more assembly, however they are more easily mounted, requiring less installation and no electrical connectivity. Fixed Frame screens feature an ideally flat projection surface to maximize resolution and picture quality


• 80mm and 120mm Aluminium Alloy Frame available.
• Anodized Aluminum Frame and Velvet Aluminum Frame available.
• Unique tightening device make the screen completely flat.
• Easy for Installation, widely used for home theatres.

Comparsion for the normal screen and high contrast screens In the high brightness condition(center lumens with 350Iux) and using the I 200 ANSI LED projector. From the comparison. the right screen (Red leaf grey glass beaded screen) is much clearer than the left screen(normal screen). grey glass beaded screen with high contrast and resolution, fine colour redition, even in the high brightness condition, the grey glass beaded screen still can show the excellent contrast and blackness.


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